biQ platform is based on LOB philosophy (line-of-business) which means that it has been designed to satisfy all critical computer applications that are vital to running a business.


Automation for control and changes of prices in real-time based on business rules defined and evolving with respect to competitive strategies.

Prices per channel, zone, region, with decisions based on a thorough understanding of the demand at each level of the hierarchy.



Prices based on product characteristics (brand, size, taste, color, etc.), the financial figures such as revenue and profit margin as well as the operational and tactical objectives of the business.

Prices based on seasonality, age, sensitivity and other trends that may affect pricing



Understanding the relationships between many products, including how changes in the price of a product will affect sales of the other

Innovative analysis tools that make it fast and easy for users to create accurate forecasts and perform preventive actions.



Advanced simulation tools and analytics allow accurate measurement of the potential impact of price changes on sales and profitability.

Analysis using highly advanced "what-if" scenarios to see both overall and at the product level or class of the impact on demand.



Evaluation of the Impact analysis on final results and prices from discounts, markdowns, groupings, and other pricing techniques.

Historical data, monitoring performance indicators (KPIs), analysis of price levels, competitor monitoring, and other.



Increase of the efficiency and effectiveness of users involved in prices (Pricers) due to the elimination of errors from data entry work and calculations