biQ platform is based on LOB philosophy (line-of-business) which means that it has been designed to satisfy all critical computer applications that are vital to running a business.


Ο biQ Pricer can be used by all sectors of retail, in order to ensure the procedures and rules, instead of intuitive approach applied when deciding on prices of products and their promotion.

Our solutions are designed to process quickly, accurately and consistently large volume of data and the application of the rules with the relevant details required by the retail industry for the application of the pricing strategy adopted.


Provides reliable custom solutions for:

  • Super market
  • Home appliances & technology
  • Computers & Electronics
  • Health & Beauty
  • e-commerce Retailer

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Travel industry

Challenges in the travel industry such as downward pressure on freight rates, fluctuations in demand, and the risk of unutilized capacity can serve as opportunities to accelerate their growth.

Technology is necessary to conduct effective management that will lead to increased occupancy, profit margins and will confront low cost competitors.

Ο biQ Pricer provides the tools to solve challenges in a wide range of travel industry. Our solutions cover dynamic management of prices in real time to help you strategically coping with everyday challenges and effectively help to dynamically increase your revenue.

Provides reliable custom solutions for:

  • Airlines
  • Cruises
  • Hotels
  • Car Rentals

Let us show you how biQ Pricer can optimize your success


Insurance services operate in a highly volatile and highly competitive environment. The companies that will prevail, are not frustrated by the market decline but based on technology that helps them to react more quickly, are enabled to offer the right products at the right prices to individual customers, including resellers and distributors.

Market data analysis through the biQ Pricer helps insurance companies to transform their data into even greater sales and high profitability.

Let us show you how biQ Pricer can optimize your success