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Solve any business question. Explore data and discover the insights that answer

your agile business needs. Share and collaborate with anyone, anywhere.



Self-Service Visualization and Discovery



  • First-generation data discovery product.
  • a flexible, business-ready solution

   QlikView is designed to let you rapidly build and deploy interactive, guided analytics
   applications and dashboards using a flexible development environment. And with our
   patented Associative engine at its core, end users get the powerful, interactive data
   guide controlled explorations of dynamic data sets toward deeper discovery.
   That’s QlikView.

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   Qlik Sense®

  • The most powerful and complete solution for modern BI.
  • Now there are no limits.

   Our next generation data analytics application lets people of all skill levels do more
   with data. Rapidly combine any number of data sources, no matter how large. Freely
   explore in any direction using interactive selections and global search. You’re no
   longer limited by linear exploration within partial views of data or slowed down by
   cumbersome data preparation. That’s Qlik Sense.

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For over 15 years The Envision has delivered enterprise solution success to hundreds of companies.
Having embraced the market leader Qlik solutions, Envision successfully implements Business Analytics
solutions in the areas of ERP, CRM, and Enterprise Asset Management.


Our end-to-end services

Offering extensive professional services as an integral component of our solution deployment, Envision provides training, education and technical services melded with a focus on Best Practices.

If you're looking to expand your company through a third-party relationship, investment or a transaction, you need accurate information about these entities, especially the potential risks.

That's where Envision business intelligence services come in.

Our BI services and solutions leverage Qlik to help transform your organizational data into intelligence that aid in making fact based business decision.

This, in turn, allows your organization to understand customers better, respond quicker to dynamic market conditions and ultimately transform into a data-driven enterprise.

Through our in-depth experience , due diligence and advanced technology Qlik, we can help you minimize risk, so critical decisions can be made with confidence.