Cash Positioning

Το biQreasury is the most reliable and modern solution in determining your company's cash position. biQ Treasury dynamically combines all the moves made to bank accounts with the forecasted cash transaction. This enables the daily agreement with the balance of the bank accounts and ensures the representation of the cash position of the company in real time.


Multi-currency and multi-company system

Το biQTreasury is a multi-currency and multi-company system to allow the determination of your company's financial position regardless of the geographical spread of its activities, the number of companies and the use of different currencies.

Visualization of cash position

Το biQTreasury offers the user the ability to visualize the cash position of your business on a daily, monthly or yearly bases per legal entity, bank, bank account both aggregated or detail.

Cash Forecasting

Το biQ Treasury προσφέρει τη δυνατότητα εισαγωγής των ταμειακών προβλέψεων σε επίπεδο μήνα είτε χειροκίνητα ή αυτομοτοποιημένα από συστήματα τρίτων (πχ. Legacy ERP system, excel κ.α).
Το biQ Treasury offers the possibility of introducing cash forecasts at monthly level either manually or automated from third party systems (eg. Legacy ERP system, excel, etc.). biQ Treasury allows the creation of multiple scenarios with potential revisions so that the user can adapt to different microeconomic and macroeconomic conditions. The main cash scenario can be visualized in the cash position and generate expected cash flows. Any change in this scenario, alters the corresponding cash position.


Management by your own rules

Ensure that all areas of your business, such as sales, purchasing, warehouse, marketing, financial management, third party providers and your company's human resources, work together in accordance with your business rules and processes. Evolve your business in real time while improving the organization and its productivity.

Scenarios and deviations

Το biQ Treasury reflects differences between actual and budgeting cash flows for the scenario selected in absolute numbers or percentage. It also makes it possible to determine the cash position of the company given the current cash position combined with scenarios related to future cash flows and new investments.


Το biQ Treasury offers the possibility to create budget templates with budget items in hierarchical form that correspond and adapt to your business needs.

Each department submits its own budget and all departmental budgets are consolidated into a central scenario. At any given time there is the ability of revisions with preservation of the original data in order to ensure the deviation detection.


Budget templates

To biQ Treasury creates budget templates in the form of excel sheets in order to be extremely user-friendly in their management. Furthermore, the user can create formulas in case a budget item depends on another and to massively change the data in one simple step ..

Roles and functions

Το biQ Treasury, incorporating workflow logic, allows the creation of distinct roles that perform different functions in the preparation of the budget. In this way, the reduction of errors is achieved and the creation of an integrity mechanism is achieved that meets the principles of cooperation and security ..


Data transfer

Το biQ Treasury provides the ability to transfer data from the budget to the cash flow forecast and therefore in the cash position, based on the traffic speed of assets and liabilities of each budget item.

Financial Transactions

Το biQ Treasury provides the necessary financial tools to monitor the financing needs and activities of the business. Having incorporate a variety of products that Financial institutions provide on the market, the firm is able to reflect the cash flows arising from such products, in the short and long-term cash flow.

Το biQ Treasury supports loan formats such as RCF, partially amortised , recycled, fully amortised , bond and term in any currency and any third party ( bank or company). The expected cash flows, resulting from the use of these financial products, are integrated into the cash planning of the company and contribute significantly to the correct estimate of the required working capital.

Bank Connectivity

Το biQ Treasury incorporates a ""smart"" mechanism for introducing bank movements from the extrait in cash planning of the business. The user has the ability to ""train"" the system in such a way as to achieve the reconciliation between expected and actual cash flows.

Records from the extrait that are not able to be assigned to one of the cash flows remain in biQ Treasury to be edited by the user and introduced to the cash planning.

Automated import of bank movements significantly reduces the engagement time with daily repeated operations and allows the use of time to evaluate quality characteristics. Furthermore, it limits mistakes that may have serious consequences on the financial health of the business.

Third parties SW connectivity

Τhe biQ Treasury allows bidirectional communication with back office systems (ERP, CRM) and third party applications (excel) to minimize the time of import of raw data that will shape the expected cash flows.