Stop the problem before it starts

The daily adjustment of current and future cash flows can be an extremely useful tool when running a business. Warns you and helps you to diagnose problems early, so you can make plans for the necessary solution. Guides you safely through the recession to achieve steady growth, and helps to access additional funding.

This is, by far, the most important reason for the projected cash flows

Thrive steadily and avoid overtrading

Today's Sales are of course the source of tomorrow's cash flows. However additional orders or an unexpectedly large order is tempting, it can become a risky move that involves extra costs for their fulfillment which will reduce the cash flow in a short period and can put great pressure in the short term of your finances. .

You can make multiple views to see at any stage in your business by how much extra money you will have to fund it , if for example you will have additional 10% increase in sales.

Stay strong when times are tough

With the difficult conditions in the market trading terms, daily information and forecasting of cash flows could give you the edge over competitors.

It may sound excessive, but when you're dealing with extreme conditions, having an accurate picture of the expected cash position at any given moment could make the difference between success and failure. When negotiating with customers and suppliers, you can use your predictions to establish conditions that will help you get the cash in your business just when you need it (eg by collecting revenue or negotiating scheduled payments per year).

It highlights the need to find the modifications that will improve cash flow and the marginal life cycle of your funds

Sail in calm waters

Meeting the needs of customers, suppliers and employees is quite stressful. When the cash flows are under control, you will actually spend less time managing the finances of the company, such as receipts, payments and bank deposits.

This can free up more time for important customers and their satisfaction and to new opportunities for growth.

Knowing the finances of your business enables you to be prepared for opportunities and challenges that lie ahead.

Eliminate complexity

Το biQ Treasury incorporates extensive error trapping to help users prevent errors while using it, errors that can easily occur using spreadsheets. It will relieve you from having to write hundreds of formulas and routines and allows you to spend more of your time for research and evaluation of forecasts generated.

It can be used to do sensitivity analysis and to explore alternative scenarios for improving cash flow.


It highlights the need to find the modifications that will improve cash flow and the marginal life cycle of your funds