How functionality can be converted to productivity?

Aspiration for every business worldwide is to improve their efficiency by transforming growth strategies into profit

biQ ERP addresses all these challenges with data organization providing integrated business processes in a centralized database excluding duplication and providing powerful business intelligence (BI)

biQ ERP is a powerful tool that allows to improve productivity and reduce costs by affecting for the better the end result «bottom line»

The core of every business is the collection of its systems and procedures


How will your business be affected by a single 'view of the facts"?

As companies struggle with complexity due to several independent applications, people spend valuable time looking for files, documents, or importing and exporting data from individual applications and try to find consolidated and updated data to get accurate and timely information ..

What makes biQ ERP so valuable to today's businesses is timely and accurate information to monitor key performance indicators (KPI's), personalized dashboard's, and financial statements

Effective use and visualization of performance indicators will greatly improve your company's key factors, such as revenue and profitability growth and will support the decision-making process.


In today's business world the challenge is getting the right information to the right person at the right time

The road with the Cloud is a journey for which there is no time for failure

Access to biQ ERP via a mobile device such as smartphones or tablets improves employee productivity, gives more flexibility and creates more opportunities for your business.

Utilizing the web-based interface of biQERP empowers users with solutions that simplify and accelerate their work. Employees will be able to perform important functions without their physical presence in the office.

biQ ERP cloud helps companies to improve mobility across the organization. Allows to minimize bureaucracy, remote operation, improve productivity, and provide opportunities for significant reduction of operating costs ..

Cloud computing can streamline your business more than you ever imagined.

How to get more done in less time

biQ ERP helps companies optimize and standardize business processes, and encourage the adoption of best practices across the organization.

biQ ERP leads to a consolidated view of operational data, allowing continuous improvement of efficiency and productivity, with sound decision making and ensuring the healthy synergy between departments and operations.

Increases overall operational effectiveness without a proportionate increase in operating costs, provide transparency and minimizes human errors due to automated processes.

Organization is achieved through business processes, and people need the right tools and guidance to support these processes.